Who is TCMAB

 The Traditional Chinese Medicine Accreditation Board (TCMAB) is an independent body to accredit institutions that run traditional Chinese acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine courses. The graduates from ATCM accredited institutions have automatic right to become members of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK.

TCMAB was established in 2004. There are two purposes for the establishment of TCMAB:

  1. Quality control: To ensure that affiliated institutions delivering TCM education and training courses in the UK meet the requirements and standards laid down by the TCMAB, conforming to the training standards of China’s State Administration for Traditional Chinese Medicine training standards and World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, in order to enhance international acceptance of the courses.
  2. Regulation Requirement: To facilitate the professional criteria for the forthcoming statutory regulation for TCM profession in the UK. 

TCMAB Core Curriculum


TCMAB Board Members

Chair: Dr David Atherton
Officer: Dr Ji Dong Wu
Educational Specialist: Professor Michael Heinrich
Educational Specialist: Dr Mei Xing
Lay Member: Dr Jeanne Knights
TCM Practitioner: Dr Fanyi Meng


Photo of TCMAB Board Members Meeting on 19 Febuary 2007
Photo of TCMAB Board Members Meeting on 19 Febuary 2007